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Quil Ateara is a member of the wolf pack and is Jacob's best friend and second cousin. He is described as being very muscular. He first appears in New Moon but does not become a wolf until Eclipse. Unlike most other pack members, he was happy about becoming a wolf, since it allowed him to join his friends and understand what was going on. As a wolf, Quil has chocolate-brown fur. Near the end of Breaking Dawn Quil, along with Embry, joins Jacob's pack.

In Eclipse, Quil imprints on Emily's two-year-old niece, Claire. Although this appears to cause a scandal, Jacob explains that there is currently nothing romantic about his feelings, and that Quil will be whatever Claire needs him to be at each point in her life, whether it be a brother, friend, protector, or lover.

Quil is portrayed by Tyson Houseman in The Twilight Saga: New Moon.
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Quil Ateara
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